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My Story

I’m an Obesity Doctor and a Certified Life & Weight Coach.

My own struggles led me to these career choices. I had a lifelong history of losing and gaining the same weight, over and over.

I thought, I’m a doctor, I should know how to do this. How can I help my patients when I can’t help myself?

So I went looking for answers. I was determined to figure it out for myself and my patients.

I became certified in Obesity Medicine. It was then I finally understood why I kept cycling the same weight over and over.

And yet, even after knowing all this, something was still missing.

I was still struggling. I continued to overeat when I was stressed or overwhelmed. I continued to crave sugar. I was emotionally eating.

Then I became certified as a Life & Weight coach.

I learned how to cope with stress without food, how to not use food for comfort, how to not give in to cravings, how to get over my mind drama and stay on track consistently.

Guess what? Even after this, I still struggled. Yes, I was that stubborn case, who couldn’t lose the weight.

So I created my own program.

Knowing how the mind and body worked (thanks to all these certifications I managed to accrue), I listened to what my body and mind needed:

I practiced fasting. A lot. And got better at it. This helped me heal my hormones, helped me listen to and follow the requirements of my body.

I started meditating. This helped me subdue my monkey mind so I’d stop chasing every indulgent thought my brain offered, like: I want a donut today. And then stop at Dunkin donuts to grab said donut.

Meditation also helped me get a control of mindless unconscious eating.

Fasting and meditating to lose weight is a revolutionary approach to lose weight. I have not seen it elsewhere. AND it works!

Fasting in combination with meditation work synergistically to help us lose weight.

Download my free e-book below in which I explain this in much more detail.

So to achieve permanent weight loss, it turns out: We need to understand the workings of our minds and bodies.

And to truly apply and appreciate that science means to fast and meditate.

I have ALL the answers, now, for ALL of us. And, I can help you!



I Can Help You Lose Weight, PERMANENTLY

-- Understand AND Apply --

There is a science to weight loss. 

It is important to understand that science.

There is a science to how the mind works. 

It is important to understand that science.
Now apply that science
by fasting and meditating.

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